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I'm a 20 year-old student currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Information technology with interest in image processing, signal processing( audio, music), machine learning, chemoinformatics, emotion recognition. I enjoy solving problems,writing,building on my ideas, making projects, mentoring, and automating workflows.

I'm also passionate about contributing to open-source projects, and enthusiastic about tinkering and messing around with both software and hardwarte likewise. I have also created music with machine learning,check them out below.

I'm a problem-solver at heart, highly teachable and eager to learn new skills, fun to work with, have a killer work ethic, and above all, extremely curious and ask a lot of questions!

  • 馃尡 I鈥檓 currently learning ReactJS, and deep-diving into Deep Learning and Data Science
  • 馃懐 I鈥檓 looking to collaborate on Hackathons. If you like my profile, feel free to get in touch with me!
  • 馃 2021 Goals:
    • Contribute more to Open Source projects;
    • Learn Julia and ReactJS;
    • Land my first job;
    • Get into the GSOC program with Julia specifically JuliaImages;
    • Get into the MLH Fellowship;
    • Build a habit of blogging, on Hashnode;
  • 馃敪 I鈥檓 currently working on an GANs for anomaly detection in code to identify viruses.
  • 馃槃 Pronouns: He / him
  • 馃摣 How to reach me: I'm most active on Discord, you can reach me there (feel free to connect on LinkedIn or shoot me an email as well!)

Skill Stacks


Machine Learning & Deep Learning


Emotion Recognition

Image Processing

Currently seeking part-time opportunities!
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Tech I've Worked with











Bash Scripting















Bachelor's Degree in Information & Technology

U.I.E.T. Punjab University, Chandigarh

2019 - 2023

Dev Experience


Software Engineer Intern


Mar 2021 - Present

  • Helping them design a product for collecting/curating and making projects by children .
  • Designing a school-specific platform derived from main upepo app with all the functionalities in original app
  • Open Source Mentor 2021

    GirlScript Summer of Code

    Feb 2021 - Present

  • Mentoring project AlgoScriptML in which I have reviewed around 20 pull requests as of now,assigned &kept track of around 40 tasks to participants.Also guiding the participants with their issues and helped them resolve them.
  • Projects

    Open Source


    Tech Stack: Flutter,Dart,Firebase,Geolocation,GCP

  • This tool,We designed an App that compares the navigational,memory performance on male and female volunteers of all ages and It will detect People鈥檚 Risk of Alzheimer鈥檚/Dementia based pn MOCA/SAGE tests.
  • It has login-logout authenication system with facility to store details of users using FireBase API
  • It has quiz of 25 question each testing different skills like recall,memory,basic math,orientation etc
  • ReGrow

    Tech Stack: Flutter,Dart,MapboxGL,Firebase

  • Regrow is a general simple, elegant and easy-to-use resourse locator with good UI that helps people in finding neccessary resourses around them in case of any disaster. With just one click you can mark out the resources and share it with others.
  • The ability to add different markers on the map based on the resource or danger found at the Location
  • Ability to send the location of those resources or dangers to all the people to help them protect humanity
  • Ability to download the markers, so people always are able to find a way to the resourses and protect themselves from the danger.
  • Carbon-Dex : Carbon Emission Calculator

    Tech Stack: Flutter,Dart,Mapbox,Google Maps,Firebase

  • CarbonDex is an easy-to-use android application that helps you gain holistic insights into the carbon footprint that YOU and YOUR daily activities leave behind.
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator calculates emission from answer to a simple questionnaire which provides the application with data in order to calculate how much carbon footprint a person leaves behind
  • User simply has to input their vehicle's Fuel Consumption, which it then utilizes to provide the user with real-time insights on the carbon footprint left behind in during a journey, using the Google Maps API.
  • Conscious: Tools for people with special needs

    Tech Stack: Django, Liblouis, Tessesract.js, Open Dyslexix

  • Tool to identify trigger warnings from text from .txt,copied text,image text,helpful for people with anxiety issues
  • OCR Tool to identify content from image which is used for all other tools
  • Tool to convert text extracted from methods above mentioned ways to Embosser Ready Braille
  • Tool to convert text to Open-Dyslexic font for easier reading method for dyslexic people
  • ChemDesk

    Tech Stack: DjanGo, Molvec, Kekule.js, PubChem REST API

  • ChemDesk is a tool that can be used to see details about a particular compound of interest.
  • It also methods for structure comparison,aromatic-nonaromatic ring calculation
  • It has inbuilt periodic table with various element properties mentioned.Best Part,It has Benzene Pong in it.
  • Twitter-Bot

    Tech Stack: Python Twitter API

  • Developed a twitter bot which used GPT2 to generate tweets
  • Implemented automatic retweet,like,follow,trend finding and searching hashtags
  • Implemented details fetch of user like username,location,no. of tweet etc with just user鈥檚 id
  • FineTuned 124M and 355M GPT2 models with 500k quote dataset and generated samples for 4 different types of finetuning data
  • SinFork

    Tech Stack: Python, Librosa, Essentia

  • Implemented a simple mp3 player using Tkinter which could play,stop and pause
  • Implemented various audio feature extraction algorithms like spectrograms,chromatograms,spectral features,etc in TKinter app for graphical visualization
  • >

    Multimodal Emotion Recognition

    Tech Stack: Python, Scikit, TensorFlow

  • Implemented a CNN model for emotion recognition using MFCCs,Spectrograms,etc-Mentored by Ankur Bhatia(senior undergrad)
  • Implemented TSNE,PCA on RAVDESS,TESS Datasets for 7 different emotions and multiple age groups
  • Epidemic-Simulator

    Tech Stack: HTML,CSS,JS,bootstrap

  • Implemented SIR and SEIR model-Mentored by Asst. Prof. Veenu Mangat
  • Documented the details behind the SIR,SEIR and SIS models and epidemiology in general
  • Developed COVID live tracker using covid19 api with which tracked total cases,active cases,recovered cases,deceased cases and vacine tracker.
  • Community Work


    Mar 2021 - Present

  • I am working on a library database management system as the main module apart from basic contact us , about us, blogs section and database for the libraries based on the hierarchy of country, state, region, sector and the books in it It will have three levels of access login, super admin that can add or delete library units, add or remove anything, second would be the librarian access, that would be used to add or remove books from that specific unit, fines and penalties, issue books, return books, enteries of books with addition or removal with book ids, and the last access is the customer access, with sign up and login.
  • Technical Lead

    Hanu Taekwondo Club

    Dec 2021 - Present

  • Working towards to the digitalisation of the club's working and creating a digital presence through my tech skills
  • \
  • Making Club's Website which has shows the core values of club,services provided by club,community work,gallery, and also a blog.
  • Setting up google business account,verification of the business location,handling of instagram account with making content for it.
  • Lecturer at Programming Club UIET

    Programming Club UIET

    March 2021 - Present

  • I conducted my first session somedays back on "Introduction to Numpy 101" in which I taught basics+advanced topics of numpy to 40+ students organised twice in that week. All this contents can be github and is in form of colab notebooks.
  • Volunteer at NeurIPS 2020

    Neural Information Processing Systems

    Dec 2020

  • -Helped with organising of workshops and helping participants for smooth flow of workshops.
  • -Got to attend workshops on Deep Reinforcement Learning,MachineLearning and Molecules, Wordplay: When Language Meets Games ,Machine Learning for Public Health,Computer Assisted Programming,Self Supervised Learning,Offline Reinforcement Learning
  • Oct 2020

    I was one of the 20 volunteers for ISMIR2020,NLP4MUSA,HAMR2020 conference

  • I helped the participants with registration issues, web meeting(zoom)issues on the helpdesk team.
  • I also helped the organizers with organizing the zoom meetings and giving the presenters with smooth flow of things and helping them with meeting issues and managing the people, their questions..
  • Open Source Contributor

    Bokeh - Python Plotting Library

    Mar 2020 - Jul 2020

  • Worked on documentation improvement and inclusion of more themes in bokeh.
  • Artistic Works

    Artistic Works

    Paintings with WikiArt GANs

    Cyclic Chores

    Napolean's coup d'茅tat


    Sea's Look

    Maldives's Waters

    Eastern Floods

    Dunkirk HomeComing

    Spartan Seashore

    Mr. Dostovesky

    Monet's Garden

    Curse of sisphyus

    Look at the morning

    A place in time

    King Frederick

    Hey there!!Let your joy burst forth,like flowers in the spring.

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